October 24, 2015


Do I look like a baby in my last post or what?! Yes hello, I am alive and back from hiatus. My hair has grown (thank god), and my U.S trip is inching closer and closer so what better time to start documenting life again to strangers on the internet? Once I hit publish, my celebratory act of posting after months will include devouring everything I bought today at Smith & Deli (10% of that pictured on Instagram).

Although I've been posting consistently on insta, your gal fell a little out of love with the social-media life she was leading... so I had to retreat, re-evaluate how happy I was with the direction I was going in, speak up about the direction I've always wanted to go with life, and just deal with that hands-in-the-air period away from the blog world.

Perhaps a URL change is in order, who knows, but I am back a little differently this time. While I love fashion, there's only so much I feel like I can do with a style blog when I don't always have the time/energy to take outfit photos, and more importantly, when there are things that I would rather spend my time working towards in terms of life career (but more on that a little later). SO. While style will still be there, we're just going to do this as more of a whatever-I-feel-like-posting-and-is-needed type of operation. In saying that - all content will still be my own, but with a more insightful/personal injection - especially with all of my travels and opportunities coming up. So let's all prepare to see this face on the regular again... I won't leave you for 4 months again I promise.

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