November 12, 2014


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The holiday season has crept up so quickly that it's got everyone stressing over two things:
  1. What to buy
  2. How to save
I’m mainly going to let the gift guides speak for themselves because I’ve got you covered for the first point - between a Winter edit for those in the Northern Hemisphere, a Summer edit for the Southerners (coming this week), Home/Interior, Boyfriend and Stocking Stuffers (all next week). 

Currently my shopping carts are slowly stacking up on multiple websites and I can't stop, so it's safe to say I'm struggling with how to save. Having student discounts are great for the websites that offer them, but I've been searching everywhere for that little bit extra off the stores I actually shop at (and encountered too many dodgy websites to count), but I think I've finally found a website that has an abundance of offers for us fashion enthusiasts and wanted to put together this quick post to help you and share the love! 

You can suss it out for yourselves and see if it's right for you, but I've already signed up for their Black Friday discount alerts for when they come out - just because Australia doesn’t celebrate it doesn’t mean I can’t score some steals with the rest of the world, right?

If you need more Holiday gift ideas click here, or shop my favourite online stores for more:

(P.S Don't forget about my giveaway for a Mimco clutch here)


  1. If only I could wear all these!!! Damn I'm so jealous to have winter season so that I can snugger in it!


  2. Shaira ManaloNovember 14, 2014

    I love everything in this selection. The fur coat, the pink heels, boots, grey coat and floppy hat! <3 Wow!

    Have a great day, Ivana!


  3. Such cute finds!


  4. Roze Stikleee! Predivna lista, obozavam sve :D

  5. Great selection! That skirt, especially <3<3 (If only I could afford all of these!!)

  6. It's been to long since I've visited your blog, again, and I'm sorry about this, again... It's so funny for me to see your summer outfits when we got freezing weather here, makes me miss the heat even more. Your style is pure amazing, it always has been!
    I love this wishlist, but more importantly how you interpreted pieces that are can be both considered cheap and expensive, love the variety of sources here! :)
    Hope you have a great one xx | Room 95

  7. Ooo love it! Looking forward to the boyfriend series- men are always way too hard to buy gifts for!

    Rachel xx

  8. life is a shoeNovember 17, 2014

    loving this post! great picks!

  9. Beauty FollowerNovember 18, 2014

    The pink heels are so pretty!

  10. Amalya KhachiyanNovember 19, 2014

    The coat is just fantastic.

    kisses dear <3

  11. Pink heels, gray coat and black bag are my favorites!!! Kisses dear (and thank you for your visit)

  12. sonia de macedoNovember 19, 2014

    Ahahaha, I'm ready for Black Friday AND Cyber Monday (though, mainly holding out for Cyber Monday since I'm in Oz too)


  13. This is cool guide! :) Perfect for christmas shopping :)


  14. Don't worry a Summer guide is coming in the next few days (oops!)

  15. Glad you like it Shaira! Thank-you, you too! :-) x

  16. Some for now, some for later? ;-)

  17. Thank-you Eda! I think it's vital to mix different retailers so you can add something for everyone there rather than buying from a hundred different stores! And there's always those specific items you're willing to invest in - jackets and shoes are mine! :-)

  18. I knooooow haha! Coming next week I promise! x

  19. Ooooh you've been busy, well done! They're just easier to style!

  20. I'm going to try and stay away, but even in the lead up retailers are having amazing sales *crying* hahaha


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