October 31, 2013


Luckily for my denim-obsessed self, I got to attend Levi's Melbourne Spring Fashion Week show early last month to get comfortable in the butterfly-house-like hub and swoon over their new collection. I think you can tell by the audience's faces that it was a good show without me even having to tell you - but basically, it was beyond great. Dark denim, light denim, mid-wash denim, coloured denim... after that night, I'm pretty sure I've seen it all (although it never hurts to throw in some acid-wash because it's my current obsession).

The rock 'n' roll cowboy/girl feel had me snapping away profusely and bopping in my seat to the music played by the babe with the guitar (who is he though?!) and I couldn't have felt prouder wearing my favourite Levi's (which was the attitude held by most of the audience members who also showed their support by wearing theirs too).

My favourite pieces included the short, black embellished denim jacket and the oil-slick-like metallic jeans that I fell in love with instantly and wanted in my wardrobe even faster if that was possible (my camera skills failed me at this moment, naturally). The menswear showed us how to do everything right with a great printed denim shirt, while the "Future Is Leaving" vest topped off the night and made its statement perfectly as the show ended and struck determination through me to work harder and not let opportunities get away. Which brings me to state that it made me that much more thankful for Jean, who let me experience that night and had been so sweet throughout!

Everyone looked so effortlessly cool, so I feel compelled to give you a brief run-down of what I took away from the night in terms of mixing up your favourite denim pieces:

  • The big theme was prints (whether it be tops, shorts, pants, bags - anything!
  • Statement pieces (slogan vests, oil-slicked/metallic jeans)
  • Button up shirts to pair with relaxed denim 
  • Denim on denim, and of course;
  • Plaid, embellished accessories, and the old favourite - the fedora or cowboy hat

There's absolutely no secret why Levi's remain on top of their game - their collections are classic and always on trend. And even when the fashion attitudes change from straight to skinny leg, plain to acid-wash, or just denim on denim to the classic jean and tee (although mind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with denim on denim... and I say that because I'm most certainly wearing it right now) I know I'll continue turning to Levi's for my fix.

A huge congratulations to the Levi's team for a fantastic show, and make sure you check out and shop their collection here!


  1. Wow, nadam se da si se dobro provela na show! Mogu zamisliti da je bilo bas super! Levis rules the denim world! :) www.neverdreamedaboutthis.com

  2. I like the studded pieces! A nice twist on plain denim :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Lindsey DonnellyNovember 04, 2013

    very interesting and unique! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kiersten DevereauxNovember 05, 2013

    I love denim and jeans are my go to pant!

    Kiersten Devereaux

  5. aww I love denim! So cool!


  6. AMazing post and great pictures! (: Thanks so much for sharing!

    <3 Colleen

  7. Helder Pereira CoelhoNovember 06, 2013

    Great post! Followed, follow back?


  8. No problem - glad you enjoyed it!

  9. You can never go wrong with denim haha!

  10. Same here - You can never go wrong with denim haha!

  11. Agreed. It's the perfect balance of classic and modern :-)

  12. Jesam, stvarno je super bilo! And they do ;-)


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