September 15, 2013


Glassons top / Junk shorts / Jelly Beans / MinkPink sunglasses (similar)

I've underestimated how handy it is to own good, sheer, lightweight cottons. This quilted shoulder top by Glassons has taken me through Winter (I layered, of course) and now into Spring with no regrets of over-wearing it. It's become such a favourite that I may or may not also own it in blue...?

The weekends seem to fly by faster each time they come around but luckily this one was filled with an abundance of The Mindy Project, sweets, good company and a picnic. There's so much coming up this week between the blog and Uni but it's mid-semester break after that and I couldn't be more excited. In my mind I've planned some time with my pal Vitamin D so I have less of a resemblance to a reflective sheet of paper and doing the 1000 Steps (once I get the motivation to put myself through that again), but I've got a feeling I'll be stuck indoors trying to get ahead on school work instead.
Photos: Dragana Przulj


  1. The shoulder detailing on that top makes it so unique! What a lovely picnic, looks like it was a gorgeous day :)


  2. Love your top! :)

  3. Ljeto! Hocu i ja! Black & White outfit - predobro ti stoji. A ove Jelly Beans, kada sam mami rekla da su opet in ove godine, ona je se pocela da smeje! Moram joj pokazati tvoj outfit pa da shvati da super mogu izgledati :D Sta uopste studiars?

  4. Cute outfit! Loving the sandals! I'll miss summer :(

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! If you want to get a feature with ASOS it's best to join their fashionfinder community and if you upload enough fun outfits they'll invite you for a collab :)

    xoxo Iris


  5. Vogue and HeelsSeptember 18, 2013

    Beautiful outfit! I love the leather details and the shoes are incredible. I should of gone on more picnics this summer.

    Twitter: @vogueandheels

    Instagram: Anngelik15


  6. jointyicroissantySeptember 20, 2013

    Gorgeous outfit and cool shorts! lovely photos:)

  7. You are so chic. <3

  8. It changed between cloudy and sunny frequently - but lovely nonetheless! And it really does! :-)

  9. Lovely! Simple and chic. :)

  10. Hvala! :-) A Jelly Beans trend jest malo smijesan haha, ali su dobre za ljeto zato sto ja bas nevolim japanke! Ja studiram Entrepreneurship i Innovation!

  11. Thank-you Iris - for the lovely comment and the info :-) I'll make sure to try it out!



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